Conference location: Eretz Israel Museum

We start at 8:30 AM – 2 Haim Levanon St., Tel Aviv

The Eretz Israel Museum is a historical and archeological museum in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Tel Aviv, Israel. Eretz Israel Museum, established in 1953, has a large display of archaeological, anthropological and historical artifacts organized in a series of exhibition pavilions on its grounds.

The museum is situated in a large and beautifully landscaped area, replete with archeological sites. Conferences, seminars and special and varied business events can be held outdoor, in several halls, and a magnificent garden.

The pay parking has room for 230 vehicles.

Networking at UX Salon

A conference is not just a place to come and learn, it’s also a place to meet new people and to create new opportunities. If  you’re looking for a new carrier path or to hire a professional for your next project, choose a ribbon and start mingling.

YellowYellow: I am looking for new opportunities

BlueBlue: I am looking to hire

WhiteWhite: I love UX

Come to learn

This conference is packed with useful and inspiring information. After a full day of presentations, you may find it hard to remember what you learned. We created a conference notebook to help make the most out of your day.

bookletThis is your conference pass/notebook

BlueWrite down the three main takeaways. What did you learn from this presentation?

WhiteAsk yourself a question. What more do you want to learn about this topic?

We have giveaways!

Thanks to our kind partners we will give away books and other prizes to selected attendees. :)

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InVisionInVision is a design project management and collaboration platform for creative teams. We will give away T-shirts and other prices from InVision.

InVisionAre you lucky enough to get this limited-edition official conference T-shirt?