Justin Davis is a user experience designer and founder of Madera Labs, a user experience design studio based in Tampa, FL. Over the past decade, he has worked with startups and large companies to help discover and design new digital experiences, ranging from mobile and web apps to immersive retail video experiences, winning a regional Addy award in 2012 for his app design work.

He is also the founder of Drawer, a digital product that allows travel-centric people and brands to keep track of places they want to try, and share curated lists of their favorites with others. You can find him on Twitter at @jwd2a.



What attendees will learn from this talk:

  • How conversations work – why they start, how they continue, and how they end or transition into another conversation.
  • Specific moments in a conversation that cause the experience to either increase in quality or degrade.
  • Roles that individuals take on to subliminally manage the conversation space in collaboration with other participants.
  • How we can use this understanding of conversational dynamics to create more engaging digital spaces.


Presentation / April 6, 2014
Designing Better Conversations

Every day, we have conversations. Whether with our family, coworkers, friends or strangers, we spend a vast amount of our lives talking to others. Some of these conversations are great; some, not so much. What if we could understand why? And, as designers, if we understand what makes for great conversation, how can we use that knowledge to create a better conversation between our products and the people using them?

In this talk, we’ll examine how conversations work, what causes some of them them to be highly engaging, and what makes other conversations fail miserably. Then, we’ll look at the conversations that our users have with our products, and use the same understanding about designing better human-to-human conversations to help us design better human-to-product conversations. Don’t let your product be that awkward guy everyone avoids at the party; make it the life of the party.